Thursday, June 18, 2009

Web Skills for Practical Cyclists I

It's 7:15 am, and for the last 90 minutes, my part of Maryland has been under a downpour. Nonetheless, I'll be riding into work today, because by 8 am, the rain will be gone. How do I know this? Accuweather radar.

The Accuweather web site has made finding the "holes in the weather" (if they exist) possible. Real time radar is such a great piece of information. It's not hard to learn how to gauge clear spots, and to leave work a half-an-hour early if that's going to get you home dry. You can look at the radar and see if the storms are concentrated "cells" or widely dispersed, slow or fast moving, and figure out if (mostly) dry riding is possible.

Modify the following URL and paste it into your browser to see the real-time weather radar in your area, right now:"YOUR ZIPCODE HERE, NO QUOTES"&level=local&anim=1

One of these days, I'll evolve into a real practical cyclist, one who doesn't care what the weather is doing, because I'll be properly equipped and will have the right attitude. Until then, I've got Accuweather.

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ChipSeal said...

I like Weather Underground
because I find it does a good job of predicting wind direction and speed.