Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm Jazzed

January's just done, and I'm at 253 miles. I don't think I had this many miles last year until it was into April. This is going to be a great year for cycling, and a good year for this blog, too. I think I've found a rhythm to posting that won't wear me out. Some of my posts will be longer compilations (like the Cargo bikes and the more recent Winter Cycle clothing) that frankly take a long time to put together. So I'll try and intersperse little "easy" ones, to keep the conversation going.

Speaking of conversation, I'd love to hear more from the people who visit. Feel free to comment -- I've put virtually no restrictions on it, and I won't remove stuff unless it's spam. I'd love to hear especially from people who might want to write articles on cycling. If there is some interest from folks who want to write once in a while but who don't want to have to write on a regular basis, let me know, and we can accommodate.

Today, I began some drawing work in the CAD program I use (Vectorworks Architect) for some upcoming bike-safety diagrams. The image at right is my prototypical cycle commuter, but I don't have a name for him (/her) yet. Feel free to make suggestions....


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert and thanks for your blog! Since you asked for comments, here you are.

I like your little commuting person there, it's very neat. And it's most likely a "him" (width of shoulders and of hips). Perhaps you could create a "her," too? :)

But I'd challenge that it's the "prototypical" cycle commuter because of the drop handlebars and of the slightly aggressive position. I'm not in Portland but in Vancouver, B.C., however I think not that many commuters (except those at the hard core) would identify. I know nothing about drawing though, so I really can't suggest anything smart!

Thanks and I look forward to future posts!

Robert Anderson said...

Good comments, Anonymous (why not leave your name?) The image is representative of a "fast-commuter" in the Forrester tradition, I suppose, who would ride not necessarily on the drops, but not upright in the wind either. Certainly I could draw (or attempt to draw) a more upright cyclist on a "moustache" handlebar bike. However, the truth is, this is a little bit of a "blowup". Most of the traffic safety diagrams will be at a much smaller scale, and a lot of the detail will be lost anyway.

Thanks for your comment, and feel free to let us know who you are!