Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MOMA sez: Bikes are Hip

Continuing on our theme of New York City, bikes and urban hipness, mosey on over to the MOMA online store. On the front page of their Fall 2008 catalog is a Strida bike, a classic design which is now in its fifth generation. (At a long-legged 6' 6", I personally am too big for a Strida, and I think it would be tough to ride a Strida for more than a couple of miles, even for someone whom it fit. But a compelling modern minimalist design, nonetheless.) Bikes as expressions of urban hipness have officially arrived. We'll see how long this mania lasts, but my advice is to enjoy it while you can!

But wow, the MOMA catalog item that caught my eye (at a suggestion from my wife) was these pant-leg clips (pictured). They are called "Windriders" and designed by Gijs Bakker. They seem obvious, so obvious that I have a nagging feeling that I must have seen them before. I don't know if this is the case, or if my sense of déja vu is simply the subconscious recognition of a classic design, but in any case, hats off to Bakker and MOMA. (I don't wear long pants riding, and so don't have any practical use for them, but if they were given me, I'd wear them over my socks now and again just for fun.)


Mark James said...

Hey Robert, I use an older model strida3 and have no problems going as far as I want - its fast enough and makes great progress in the city. The gearing about 56" means its not as fast as some multigeared rigs - but I end up joining these guys at the same lights.

There is something about Strida that makes it a fun and also 'zen like' ride. You enjoy the ride without getting hot and sweaty - it sort of glides along. Its probably something to do with its upright non-sport riding position - straight back, almost regal.

I love mine and often use it instead of other fullsized bikes. The clincher is it goes with you so no hassle of locking it up. When folded it rolls on its wheels - right into the office (or train/taxi when its wet).

Clincher 2 is its kevlar belt - i've done 3000 miles so far no oil / waxing.

You may just be too tall .. but try it you'll be surprised.

Robert Anderson said...

Hey Mark, thanks for commenting. I would be glad to see if I could fit on a Strida. For me (being as tall as I am), the "regal" position is not an advantage -- too much air resistance. My commute is about 9 miles with about 6 stop lights, so it's a different kind of rhythm. I do see where it could work in the city.

Look for an upcoming discussion of folding bikes on Practical Cyclist, soon...

Anonymous said...

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