Sunday, January 11, 2009


About 2-1/2 months ago, I finally broke down and bought a pair of Pearl-Izumi "lobster" cycling gloves. Numbness and tingling in my hands has been a continual problem for me during the cold months, and these gloves definitively solve it. I used to use three layers; XXXL mountain-biking full finger gloves over fleece over polypro glove liners. It didn't stop the cold-finger syndrome when the weather dropped below about 40 ° F. (4° C.)

I don't do a lot of product endorsements, and I've never received compensation of any kind for any product I've mentioned on this blog (and I won't be starting now.) But I have to say that these gloves really do the trick. I've been cycling in Maryland winter weather this season in weather as cold as 20° F. (-7° C.) and have yet to see the weather that these gloves (along with simple polypro glove liners) can't handle. These gloves are not cheap -- they cost $55 to $65 depending on your source. But comparing that cost to circulation difficulties and attendant possible neurological problems, these guys seem like a bargain.

I call them my "Zoidbergs".

Soon: A systematic approach to dressing for cold-weather cycling..

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