Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How will Jeannie Longo Deal with China's Air?

Bike racing isn't really the focus of this blog, but this is an interesting article brought to my attention by my brother Willie:

Jeannie Longo is almost 50, and competing in womens' cycling in her 7th consecutive Olympics. Wow. I don't have words to express my admiration for this kind of stamina and strength. This NYT article details a little more of her amazing successes: over 1,000 career wins. Wow, again. The picture at left is of Jeannie winning a hill-climbing contest in 2004.

However, one of her self-attributed success factors is avoidance of non-organic food and "chemicals" to which she says she's allergic. This raises an interesting point: How will she deal with air pollution in China?

I don't know the French equivalent for "You, go, girl.." so I'll just say, «Allez, Jeannie!»

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Willie said...

Hmmm, let's hope Longo deals with the pollution better than the US cycling team, who wore black masks when disembarking in Beijing. I'm guessing that none of these folks is majoring in international relations. Here are the pix.